Whole Wheat Fusilli


Why do you have to try me?

Because of the careful selection of the best whole durum wheat semolina milled with no added bran, but all from the same grain.

Because of the drying process at low temperatures for a duration of 35 hours.

Because high protein content guarantes cooking resistance and at the palate is a crunchy, chewable and highly digestible homemade pasta.



Bronze die – Slow drying at low temperature.

Whole wheat Fusilli contains vitamins, minerals , starches, up to 5 times more white fiber fibers, proteins in greater quantities, Vitamin E, the antioxidant par excellence, with anti-aging properties and is rich in polyphenols and essential fatty acids of the germIt also contains phytoestrogens, useful for the bone healthbtained only from selected grains from Abruzzo and ground whole to give a special semolina that plunging into the precious water of the mountains of the Appennini.

The result obtained is a rough artisan pasta , full bodied and naturally more digestible, a delight for the body and palate. This wholemeal pasta is more nutritious than any white pasta.

The wholemeal pasta slows down the assimilation of sugars and fats, gives a better sense of satiety, contains antioxidants and enzymes and is indicated for weight control.

Net weight: 500 gr.

Cooking time 4 min. (al dente) – 5 min.

Ingredients: Semi-wholemeal semolina of durum wheat and water.


Based on 100gr of product



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