Who We Are

Mamma Regina was born from the passion for the taste and authenticity of the products of a land, Abruzzo, rich in

Here unique flavors flourish, as is the unique landscape that stretches between the sea and the Gran Sasso
of Italy and that, due to its privileged position, absorbs the scents of nature and gives them to the multicolored countryside.

Mamma Regina is the dream of a group of friends who grew up among preserves and homemade jams: to revive the
popular recipes, making the secrets of the grandmothers to let people know everywhere about the indelible aromas they have
seasoned our childhood.

This is why we have returned to visit the small rural realities that dot Abruzzo, the vegetable gardens in which
every cultivation matures under the warm sun and the fragile wind, without haste.

Our raw materials follow the biological and integrated control regulations, are harvested at the right maturation and are still processed fresh.

In this way Mamma Regina products are born, without adding anything, without taking away anything, with the philosophy of short label: less ingredients and more quality